Sand Dunes are two most sought-after destinations close to Jaisalmer. People from far-flung places come for excursions to these places to see the real colors of desert life. Enjoy a breathtaking vies of sunrise or sunset over the stand. Most of the tourists who come to Jaisalmer have desires of indulging camel safaris. On camel of a vast desert. Evening Cultural Programme with a camp fire is held in open ambience where guests are served dinner in fine setup.
The Fair and festivals organized there reflects the rich, multi-faceted Rajasthan Culture. The festival are lively, colourful and comopolitan in culture. Your spirit becomes so indulged in the land that it becomes difficult for you to retrace. The traditional musical instruments such as Kamayacha, Sarangi, Algoza, Khartal, Surnda, Morchang, etc. and playing old songs of the desert are sung by langas and Manganiyars of the region. Hospitality.